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Citizens of Cork liberate NAMA building to create a community resource building in the city centre.

The Building is to include:
1. A pop-up charity Café inspired by local restaurnateur Seamus O’Connell, voluntarily run by the young and old, bridging the generation gap.
2. An alternative music school and recording space.
3. A health, healing and nutrition space run voluntarily by experts in their fields.
4. A library and bookshop
5. Free public internet access
6. Open spaces for training and educational purposes and skill sharing
7. Home of the ‘Let’s Get Together’ foundation, offering free counselling and suicide prevention services.
8. Community Creche
Most importantly this building will be used as a true civic space, run by the people, for the people with the resources that belong to the people.


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  1. Carol O keeffe ⋅

    Hey lads, I think it is an amazing space and an amazing Victory!
    When is the big launch?

    Well done!


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