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Irish Times  7th January 

Press Release 6th January

CCC Vs McNulty and Boylan in Occupied NAMA building in Cork

On Thursday the 5th at 2pm a representative of David Browne and solicitor company McNulty and Boylan called to the Cork City Centre building on Oliver Plunkett Street with envelopes addressed to Occupy Cork as a group and to individual members who are allegedly in the premises.

The letters were not accepted as they were addressed wrongly and the group andindividuals are not of this address, as on the envelope.
The response issued to McNulty and Boylan by the Cork City Centre group stated

“Every occupant of this building is a tenant, at a peppercorn rent, of alimited company which is caretaker/landlord of this building for the timebeing”.

The CCC group has requested a copy of the title documents of the purportedownership of the building by Joe O’ Donovan. The group considers that such documents must include a folio that willshow the burdens, if any, which have registered against the property.

We believe that the loans outstanding in respect of the building have beenplaced into the administration of NAMA. Thereforefor all practical purposes the building is owned by the people of Ireland.

Typical of many of the properties under theNAMA umbrella the registered owner of the building is a company called PadlakeLimited. The point we are making is thatthere is a substantial and fundamental difference between the registered ownerand the actual owner of the property.

End press release.

CCC Vs McNulty and Boylan in Occupied NAMA building in Cork

CCC Vs McNulty and Boylan in Occupied NAMA building in Cork

Christy Moore at Occupy Dame Street from Dave Donnellan on Vimeo.

Irish Times  3rd January

RTE 3rd January

Dublin Opinion 3rd January

Cork Independent 4th January 4th January

Irish Examiner 4th January


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